Description Parameters
Model DSF Single Loader
Output 20000 to 25000
PLC & MMI Delta
Power Supply 5.5 HP, 410 Volts/3 Phase
Utility Vacuum 500 mm (26’’) of Hg at 1000 liter /min, 30 CFM
Air Supply 6 Bar
Dimension 2050 mm(L) x 1200 mm(W) x 1700 mm(H)
Weight Approx. 800 kgs


  • Machine construction as per GMP standards
  • Machine production speed around 20,000 to 25,000 capsules per hour
  • Capsule sizes from 00 to 4 can accommodate by using change parts
  • PLC and MMI operations. Easy for operation and setting parameters
  • Machine design consist of main drive, auger, loader and closing assembly
  • Powder hopper with auger screw for powder loading
  • Empty capsule hopper with loader for empty capsule loading in loader ring
  • Capsule locking and eject mechanism
  • Machine all operations are easy to set and changeover for any other size capsules with in 15 minutes
  • Loading rings are made of LM4 Grade aluminum
  • Powder contact parts are made of SS 316 quality
  • Non-contact parts are covered with Stainless Steel 304. sheets duly polished
  • Separate control panel made SS304
  • Machine with all safety features