Automatic spoon feeder machine is a customized machine for dropping a special shape spoons in 8 cups at a same time. Its consists of safe and easy spoon loading area which out of the machine working area. It is built with various safety dropping station fitted with sensors to detect the spoons. For more accuracy, servo is fitted pick and place the spoons with the help of the vacuum again fitted with sensors for detection of spoons. It is also fitted with safety doors to avoid any injury or damage.


  1. The main structure is of Stainless steel and rest all the parts of Aluminum (HE 30).
  2. The machine is equipped with air dump valves, which gets activated during power cut off, E Stop is pressed, Safety door is opened, any fault is generated in VFD.
  3. The operations of the machine are controlled through a PLC (Programming Logic Controller) & Servo drive.
  4. The machine is equipped with safety doors, which when opened stops all the process to avoid and damage or injury.

Main Technical Parameters:

  1. Spoon Dimension (L x W x H): 104 x  33 x 25
  2. Machine Speed: 30 cycles/min ; 240 spoons/min.
  3. Power Supply: 220V/50 Hz
  4. Motor Power3.5 Kw
  5. Machine Dimension (L X W X H):  3282 x 550 x 2396 mm
  6. Machine weight: 680 kg